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At Arc Recovery Center our mission is to treat patients as individuals to have fulfillment in life and not be limited by addiction, insomnia, depression and anxiety.

Struggling with these issues prevent us all from reaching full potential. Wrestling with these conditions harm our most important relationships, prevent our advancement in careers, and ultimately defeating oneself perpetuating the self-destruction.

The Recovery Center is here to support any person reaching out for help to better get on that path of healing.
Our providers have over 15 years' experience and success that focuses on individual care in a nonjudgmental supportive environment.

Dr. Witt began working as an emergency room physician after rigorous training in family practice as a UAB resident. He worked in Huntsville, Scottsboro, Decatur, Gadsden and other rural Alabama settings. Dr. Witt saw first-hand how untreated addiction, pain, and mental health issues plague people and damage their health and well-being. These experiences prompted him to direct his knowledge, experience and passion into the area of addiction, pain management and mental health. His treatment is centered on individual patient care guided by mutual respect and understanding.

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